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My name is Eric Moccio. I am an educator in Ontario (Canada) at a growing high school. I use technology in every facet of my personal life and I am trying to push the envelope of how it is used in my classroom and my teaching. I teach in the Arts and French departments at my school. I am also a musician, photographer and father / husband to my 2 kids and my wife.

I have recently been accepted as an Apple Distinguished Educator (2009). This will help me learn and grow as well as reach other people with my message. It’s an exciting opportunity and I will looking forward to what it will bring me in the future (new knowledge and collaboration with others teachers).


4 Responses

  1. Hey! The ning is a great place for collaboration under a controlled environment. I’m using one for my TV and media production project, and we’re always looking for more teachers to contribute. Check out the ning: http://arkanada.ning.com and sign up!

  2. I am using it in my Media Arts (Media production class) and my Music classes. Great collaborative tool! I’ll check out your link. Thanks for the invite!

  3. Congratz fellow ADE! : ) This is an extraordinary blog! I will follow you from now on!

    See you soon!

  4. Eric,
    Congratulations on becoming an ADE! I look forward to meeting you at camp this summer.

    Jim LaVere

     Distinguished Educator
    Instructional Technology Support Specialist
    Information Technology Services
    Hamilton College
    Office: (315) 859-4290

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