Here are some cool websites to use in your classrooms.


Prezi is a really fun way of making presentations. Gone are the boring days of Powerpoint and bullet point slides. Actually, they’ve been gone for a while now. Prezi allows for a whole new spin on presenting. Check it out and try it for free. 


This is a website that allows you to send links to websites but before you do, you could add annotations the website. Therefore, before sending students to a specific site, you could send them a Diigo link in order to point things out on the webpage to them.

Google Docs

Of course, most people should know about Google Docs by now. It is a solid web service provided for free by Google where students can collaborate in real-time with one another on the same document at the same time. They can share the document with other people. Teachers may also create electronic forms to gather many different types of data from students. Very useful – I use Google Docs daily.


Do you like Facebook? Do you wish you could keep tighter reigns on Facebook for use in your classroom? Ning allows just that. You may create your very own Social Networking site that is closed to the outside public. More impressive though is the ability to create your own site based on your specific focus. I run 2 different Nings for the different course focuses that I teach – Media Arts and Music.


This site creates some stunning slideshow-like presentations. The best part of it is that they will allow teachers to create student accounts for free. This is an education special offer. It is definitely worth exploring!


This site creates a word wall of terms you enter. You can tweak the words or the colours. I wish that I could export them as a picture (JPEG, TIFF). As a Mac user, it is easy to generate a PDF file from the site and use that to create JPEG but it would be great for everyone if they could add that feature. Regardless, it is a good and useful tool.


This is a great site for help with sprucing up your presentations. It is a vital skill because of the ubiquitous use of Powerpoint in today’s schools and businesses. Unfortunately, just because everybody uses it does not mean everyone can do it well! Be sure to read through this blog to gather tips on how to make effective presentations.


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