21ST Century Learning


21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning


This was made on Wordle – a great site to make text compilations like this one. They are words that I could think of when relating to new learning. What do you think? What words did I miss? What words don’t belong there?

Check out Wordle. You’ll love it. I do wish they would allow for JPEG saving of the creations. BUT! They are modern and forward thinking by making these Creative Commons licensed creations and giving the “author” permission to use the Wordle even for profit. Kudos to Wordle for that!


Educational Technology doesn’t work (Not my title)

I found this excellent entry on the GenYes Blog. I love the author’s reasoning behind why this title / subject is simply not correct. Have a read!

What do you think? What kind of teacher are you?

Here is a link to an award winning blog post. It may be controversial and therefore, I wanted your opinions! What do you think about what the author is saying in this post?

Is it okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher?

The future – Some of it is practically the present!

This is a cool video – you know, personally, I rarely say that Microsoft does a lot of “cool” stuff. But this video will get you thinking about what our current students will be graduating into! The types of new technologies and the new uses for it… it will be mind blowing!

Is this generation really lost?

I have had conversations about the next gen – the net gen – the digital gen – the Y Gen… whatever you want to call them. I hear a lot of criticism. My goal is to uplift them – I think they have something to say and offer us. 

Here is a video that deals a little with this topic with a ‘twist’.

Ning – Create your own Social Network

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook… have you heard of it yet? If not, maybe your head is buried in the sand. In my classes, I was looking for a solution that would provide me with the opportunities and features of Facebook but with more privacy for my students. I found Ning.com – a site that allows you to create your very own social networking site. 

Ning.com offers you many features in your networks. You can have a photo viewer, videos, audio, chatting, forums, notes, games and even more. What I love about it is that you create the network and everything is self-contained… like a mini-Facebook just for you and your students! What my students seem to really love about it too though is that they can configure what their own profile pages looks like. There are dozens of themes they can choose from as well as having the ability to change colour themes and so on.

What Ning has opened up for me though is the ability to draw my students into something outside of class. I will sometimes post a new forum topic right away after class. By the time students arrive at their house, they will see the forum topic and they CHOOSE to respond. No pressure involved and they do it! I am very excited about the possibilities. 

Another feature I like is that with my music classes, the students belong to a more vast music student network belonging to the school. For my individual classes, however, there are subgroups within the network that I can allow for more specific discussions and posts. 

With all of this, I also am aware of the security issues when dealing with students and online behaviour. This is why I have set up my Ning.com sites to only allow new members based on invitations and my sole approval. Without my approval, NOBODY can become a member of the group. Without membership into the group, people can not see inside the network. 

Check it out and see for yourself. Ning.com

Did I forget to mention that it is free?

Google Forms – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial I made with the intention of being brief and not going into too much detail about Google Forms. This is how to go about setting up a form and gathering information. Have fun setting one up! You will see the light!

Next time I do one of these, I’ll make the screen larger for eyes that need to squint! :)

Google Docs – Tutorial on using Forms from Eric Moccio on Vimeo.